Lyrics to Hallz Of Justice
Hallz Of Justice Video:
(feat. Consciouz Fear, Dungeon Masta, Free Murda, Killah Bam, Lone Ninja)

[Lone Ninja:]
Go get your swords, Lone Ninja brawls
In the cold winter wars, opponents get gored
I roam and explore concrete jungles yall
Meek and humble, know good and well that I'll beat and pummel
Spar with bleeding knuckles, I'm brave but cautious
Your brain thoughtless, I'll slay as I raid your fortress
Get maimed and tortured, the laughter ceases
Paint ancient portraits, and masterpieces
Get smashed to pieces, my wrath is fearsome
Which bastard dare come, it's back to square one
Let's grasp the beer mugs, and propose a toast
Or I'll bash your ear drums, 'til you're comatose

[Consciouz Fear:]
That's right it didn't devastate him
You know what I meant twenty dollar bills smell
Like peppermint grab your twenties hold it then fold it
See the realism image of twin towers
Terrorism I spy with the naked eye lies
The masonic hidden symbolisms you have no melanin
So you have no rhythm no sympathy
No compassion for the oppressed yes crippled them
How much US funds for guns he leant them
How ammo for ones on camels he sent them
Looking like he didn't know course he knew he
Was way in Florida when planes flew through and blew
I was in Ohio true felt it too
What can I say that event still effects
The economy to this very day yet we still
Willing to try still digging out the lie
Too much of one thing is not good
But they want us to stay in poverty fix it up a little
Pretty having us looking at each other like pity
No more sparing the ones who don't or can't under overstand
The level that we on where we at in the same cup
Trying to get a sip but I hold grips like lifts
When the pop pops off them shits is tight like paper clips

[Chorus: Lone Ninja]
I'm masking the face with a veil trapped, within the gates of hell
Move at fastest pace, 'til I know that I'm safe and well
The bravest dwell, in the valley of the shadow
Of death it's the grand finale, time to rally our strength

[Free Murda:]
Can't escape death, I'm getting foul with the toast
I'm like stink breath, I'm getting wild with the scope
Going to hear me realize, my gun blough throw the door
If I dare see 911 dial like the soap
Rock canary daily so I'm proud on approach
Cop urey jewelry on canal like the boat
Dirty bundled us with a thousand of coats
Fuck double dutch, what's this a child with a rope
Chain eating lo mein on housing courts
My drugs out now pay the kid like child support
The snubs out now taste this sig gather to fort
Greene half my team is on trial in court
Fort greene of course squeeze to keep my thug hiking
OT across seas like blood writing
Fake a jack have you dealt, get your mug tightened
Just take that gat smack yourself like a bug biting

[Killah Bam:]
I got the plate in my possession, you should shutten up your trapper
Clips up lights out, I'm not talking about the clapper
I'm talking about the clapper that will leave you ever after
I divided filling up to reach the version of the track
Come on you know me, part time actor chick smacker
I make you eat cock, more times than fear factor
And lick crumbs more than a fresh pack of crackers
Meanwhile I got this chick higher than a mattress
Hit with a slingshot, you die better than an actress

[Dungeon Masta:]
I'm that nigga, that made a lot of mistakes
Not scared to admit it, that's because I did it
Took packages from niggas, when I was out there smoking
Didn't wash for days and hustled just so I can stay focused
Beloved and crooked, I got mines and bust mines
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