Lyrics to Hallow Point
Hallow Point Video:
[Verse 1:]
I'm the void with in to thick I stand so decadent,
Mr. common sense twists his knives, I stab on
Skeletons, quit pretending, slightly paused I
Dance with stupid, we drop our lust by the hours,
To count the cuts and stack the humans, we're all
Bleeding hearts to rich to taste the shame, yes
I'm a dwindling story passed off in migraines,
All these songs are just the same, it's to late
I've coughed on everything, this desperate living
Has stolen the breath from my lungs, she's left me
Empty, we're all desperate with sickly wrists we
Slit at sunset, always wear your smiles, with no
Traces of being upset, I'm a puppet, with no strings
To jump the gun, I treat my lover like she's motion
Sickness, it's left me numb, I am everything, it's
To late, no I am nothing, broken pride swallows
Hallow point tips deprived of something, yes we're
All suffering, and I walk she let's me scream, we
Chase the courage that we poison I keep locked
Inside my dreams, hallow point [x4]

[Verse 2:]
I'm the void with in, I carry the love to feed
The sickly, before I sin, I spread the hallow
Point tips, it's done so quickly, never torn
Dances quickly as I sing with hand grenades,
Let's pull the pin from my heart to decompose
In after spray, all alone she spreads her legs,
I must admit, I'm so excited, off we go and yet
To swallow my skin, I'm uninvited, shattered souls
Are never quiet, no fibs their out to tempt me,
Contradiction sends the thoughts to my wings,
It's never ending, I suppose I'll be thankful,
Hallow point spells contusion, simply grieving
Shows the captions, I am nothing but pollution,
Living lost is execution, I breathe for heart attacks,
I live and die from the top of my teeth, absorbed
From impact, it's all on give back, we trace the chalk
To grin on out lines, why spill the fate on our
Lungs, we rot the outside, now that's the downside,
Twisted fates we drop the guns, these slightly
Hands stop to linger, blow our minds and eat the
Young, hallow point [x4]
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