Lyrics to Halleluja
Halleluja Video:
It´s christmas, i know you´re there before but can you see me step in nothing I adore (?) Now that you opened, listen to my song At least you not ???, where I´m coming from where I´m coming from Hey I´m Santa Claus I come directly from heaven Your lord is my lord and he looks for ??? I have no package, no post for you yes, lord, it´s true ???? what christmas means to you The only thing that I can do is turn water into wine So lets get ??? and fill the glasses and have a good time So I turn water into wine ????? singing Then they all near down When the praid and screamed Halleluja, brothers and sisters! Halleluja! ?????? and money took over me control and this is man ??? ???? But they need us and we need them itßs just a silly game And I know what I´m talking about Santa is my name So I turn water into wine ????? singing We took the habbits and smash ??? ???? and screamed You did! Halleluja!

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