Half Your Love Lyrics


Sad Hunk

Lyrics to Half Your Love
Darling I would love to see
I wonder what the world would be
If you could only give to me
Half your love

I don't need the whole damn case
Most of it would go to waste
I just need a little taste
Of half your love

(Half your love)
I fought to get ya
(Half your love)
Ever since I met ya
(Half your love)
Is twice as much as I'm ever gonna need

People say that less is more
Baby, less is what I'm fighting for
Honey, you could end this war
With half your love

In a world where nothing's clear
Two of us could disappear
We don't need a reason just because
Let me know of everything
I could fly on one good wing
There's dreams enough with only half your love

People say that it's good to wait
I don't wanna wait for goodness sake
I promise I would only take
Half your love
Half your love
Half your love