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Lyrics to Half The Losing Battle
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Subtlety's not my strong suit, and I think patience is a waste of time. My first impression is the last you'll see from me, and I try to stay busy to make up for the time it takes to get to sleep. I'm unphased, but admit I'm ill-prepared.

I wouldn't be surprised if you thought that I was done, but I never thought that growing up would let me down this much. I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I'd given in. I just hope I'll never have to feel half as bad again.

Some day I'll be productive, and responsive, someone that you would notice. I'm not great at giving good advice, cause I learned to find the upsides but content is still a climb. I'm okay, but I could be better.

Don't think you're missing out. It's all just talk, until you find someone who doesn't care about the things you haven't got
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