Lyrics to Hakuna Matata
Yeah, turn that up
I ain't really finna tell y'all how to get away with murder and shit
For-ever, forever, forever forever, forever, forever, for-ever
Forever, forever, forever, forever forever, forever, for-ever...

Forever, forever-ever baby
Would you love me, forever-ever baby
Would you fuck me, forever-ever baby
Would you kiss me, forever-ever baby
Top floor [?] nosebleed
Like I just dropped diamonds [?]
[?] lips smokey
Tour bus smoking on that [?]

No I been in love for a while
You gon' make me fall in love for a while
Hop in the SLS for a while
Baby girl got me so obsessed for a while babe
You gon' really have to hold me fucking down babe
'Cuz I ain't with the fuckery that playing round babe
Unless we playing in the sheets, baby mad laid
Forever-ever in them cheeks, baby mad cake
Forever-ever getting cheese, baby mad cake
Yeah, getting mad cake
Yeah, getting cheese getting mad cake
Big down baby buss it on your whole face
AP, had to go and ice the whole face
Yeah nigga fresher than some Colgate
Hanging with some big gorillas, yeah they go ape
Talk down, pussy nigga be cold case
Yeah 'cuz I'm forever a thug, ever a thug
Baby I'm forever in love, ever in love
Make me feel better with love
When I said I love you, bitch, I say that with love
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