Hail To The Victor Lyrics


Two Paths

Lyrics to Hail To The Victor
Scareless man
Mangled soul of a solitary
Some fights
That are fought in the mind are not imaginary

Blazing eyes
Although the road has been long
All chains
Ignorance and hateĀ…no more

Time is the dividend on ephemeral paths
Longing of the fulfillment is carved in wolven hearts
All those, in the end, will merge in to one

These times
These lives
In the hands of beasts of lies
Man made gods
Turning tides
Unknown future, no hope in sight

Foul beings
The ultimate sin
Like fools, they charge to kill their kin

The legend tells
In the hearts of men
Is the way, the power, to rise above this hell

Hail to the victor!
Once a castaway
But never astray
In the mirror we'll see the face
Of the only god whom should be praised
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