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Lyrics to Had A Dat
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Raging and swirling,
Getting inside,
I feel like I'm going to break!

Bright sun sinking low,
I never feel afraid to let emotions show.
Well I did.
Now take a look at me,
I had a close brush before your destiny.

Before I end, and you'll be victims of
My stories, tales, lies, and exaggerations.
I'm gonna
When your living life like a show
You gotta
Take a bow to the people you know

I said lie, for me
Lying under a process tree
Oh engrossing in my brain
Feeling like I'm going a little insane.

A little close inside
Feels like I'm going insane!

Red lights
Are sinking low

I grab another beer cuz it's time to go

I feel my head burst, I head out to your car
And I pray to Jesus Christ, but you won't get too far

I say uh, headlights and uh second gear
I run the road of like and skip the things you fear
I said that you might, that you might find a better way
To justify the evil things that you say

Ah, help me please, ah help me please
Because I'm going upon my knees

I said, I said
Going down to my knees
I pray to the Lord up above!

Help me,
I'm falling down
Feeling now the cold, cold, cold, hard ground

Haunting faces, and moving lines
Slumber party for tonight

Pound it hard, your gonna pound it again
But please just do not pump up my friend
Cuz it seems all right, gonna push him around
But I can't be taken for no clown.

When I am on the ground I cry!

Wowowowowowo, dub style!

Oh, cool and easy
Oh no
Cool and easy
To the sweet reggae music
Oh no
Feels all right to sweet reggae music
Feels all right
Sweet reggae music
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