H-Bomb In A Valentine Card Lyrics

Come On Undress Me

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Lyrics to H-Bomb In A Valentine Card
H-Bomb In A Valentine Card Video:
Different location send a notification,
the queen has died from the apocalypse,
led by hand a stream that died
I'm in the middle of the part you all walked by,
send me a letter sometime.

Hoping for nothing tell nothing about it,
because the fear is vast the game is done,
between the gap you look at me,
well I'm someone else than who I used to be,
move yourself towards me.

Well I could be so much more than this

Different location found a letter this evening,
addressed to me undressed in sheets,
well it's a beautiful meaning I know you could see it,
the only one who looked through me but still,
it's an h-bomb in a valentine card.

Well everything never stays the same
you were gone before I even learned to pronounce your name,
well it's all just a game
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