Lyrics to GUMS BLEED
God! but this silence hangs heavy, it gives me a pain in the thigh What a weight on my shoulders..the atmosphere's colder no one gets out of life alive You just wear your umbilical cord like a noose and make believe it's a tie I got a mouth full of ULCERS I'm digging my grave with my TEETH This pain is SILENCE BEYOND BELIEF My GUMS BLEED for you If this is god's gift, he can keep it I can't let myself forget about When I exaggerated the role of my coffee, my cigarettes I wear the mark of the iconoclast across my bleeding back I'll be reincarnated as a hermit. (From under, the future looks black) I got a mouth full of ULCERS I'm digging my grave with my TEETH Can't stop thinking about my LIP This PAIN is SILENCE BEYOND BELIEF Dying to an audience of one MY GUMS ARE ON FIRE FOR YOU I'm gonna grind myself into the ground and ground myself into the grind Keep turning the key to wind up and KILL YOURSELF to unwind... I GOT A MOUTH FULL OF ULCERS I'M DIGGING MY GRAVE WITH MY TEETH CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT MY LIP? THIS PAIN IS SILENCE BEYOND BELIEF DYING TO AN AUDIENCE OF ONE.....MY GUMS BLEED FOR YOU THE BURGERS ARE NOW MOUNTING BETHLEHEM AND MY GUMS ARE ON FIRE FOR YOU hitmeonetimehitmetwotimeshitmethreetimeshitmefourtimeshitmefivetimeshitmesixtimes HITMEAGAIN!

Songwriters: THIRLWELL, JIM
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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