Lyrics to Guitar
Guitar Video:
Hey boy you taught me my first song
The air was warm and I was young
While Leonard Cohen sang Susanne
We kissed and kissed but then you ran
The song was Teenager in Love
Oh God, you couldn't make it up
Hey that's no way to say goodbye
So you didn't even try

I wanted you, I watched you from afar
And I thought you cool, because you played guitar
Bet you were cool, maybe still are
Thank God I could sing and I had my guitar
Oh I had my guitar

Hey boy you only used three chords and opened up the door
And though we kissed and kissed and kissed
You were nothing but a catalyst
I was taken in, I thought you were the star
Thank God I could sing and I had my guitar
I couldn't begin, until I fell apart
Thank God I could sing and that was just the start
I thought it was you, I was wide-eyed and marked
So heavy and new, I picked up my guitar
And started to sing and opened up my heart
It was everything, I thank my lucky stars
Thank God for my guitar
Thank God for my guitar
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