Lyrics to Gucci
Gucci Video:
(feat. Prime Time)

[Meanor Talking]
Whoa, we gone do it like this
It's 96 mother fuckers
It's all about that click mother fuckers

Bitch I got Gucci
Bitch I got the green, got the black
I got Gucci bitch I got the brown and all that
I got Gucci bitch I got the high and low to
I got Gucci bitch that ain't no ordinary shoes

Remember back in the day's
Niggas wore Bailey's in shit and
They always hooked it up with a fresh Polo fit
How ever I'm a fool
Now Gucci shoes now money rules
Now hoes screamin' whoa now
Shibe as hell when I'm bailin' up out the crib
Lavish is how I live don't have a damn thing to give
Now please don't get me wrong
I do with Nike and Reebok's
But even see me barely with some
Kenny Cole high tops
But she see, see I
I rep 'til I die
Black, brown, green or blue
Three bills a whop it ain't no ordinary shoe
Don't play my Gucci bitch just because you got on a
Mother fuckin' thirty dollar outfit
Don't play my Gucci bitch just because you got on a
Mother fuckin' thirty dollar outfit
Not braggin' on what I got
People say I ain't got nothin'
But to a nigga like me I got a Lil' somethin' sumthin'
Shibe gift Balley Five, house with leather inside
Gucci wear livin' fair people stare but I don't care
Hoes like to laugh when they see me drivin' in my Hoopty

[Mista Meanor]
Kangol what you got?


[Mista Meanor]
Now I'm not braggin' I be raggin'
Girbauds always saggin'
Best from the best
Because the Meanor can't be laggin'
I sport Gucci cause they suit me
Knock the walls of some cucci
Them hoes braggin' bout me
Is nothin' but some groupies
Slug by the T, them Gucci down to the feet
'Cise why all them niggas player hatin' on me
Shibe is in my nature

[Kangol Slim]
Then why them niggas hate you?

[Mista Meanor]
But it's all good cause they all gone catch the Vapors
$299.00, $75.00 get a pair
Stop lookin' in my face cause it ain't cool to stare
I'm bad as Fiend, ask them hoes if I'm clean
Me Michael screamin' Martin Luther "Have a Dream"
Player haters get mad because a nigga be shibe
Mista Meanor is the name, Big Boy is the job
I stay up on my gear, because I got to look nice
If you don't have any Gucci's
Well it's cool on the right
Cause everybody can't afford 'em
That's why they can't sport 'em
But I sport Gucci's like Mike sport Jordans
I'm not try'na brag or put nobody down
But I got Gucci the high top black, and high top brown
Gucci not cheap, they cost $300.00 a whop
Bein' shibe is in my nature
So that's never gone stop
So player hater's that's mad
Strach yo ass and get glad
I know ya fall to yo knees and
Pray to God I do bad
So respect this red nigga
Cause I'm true to the game
If you didn't know now you know
Meanor's the name


[Prime Time]
Now hoes bein' tr'yna juke
We bustin' fits with the Gucci
After that we finish it off with a
Fresh ass cucci
Bust some fresh Baud-Bauds
Even a fresh Polo, could be the black Kenny Cole
Even some black Animals,
Better never the less, I guess
I been taught by the best to impress
Some of these hoes best to learn how to dress
Cash Money click better come real
P-N-C movin' to make an mil
With the skill that's fa'real
Go buy my feet with three bills
Now I've been known to be an gangster
Wearin' black on black
Gucci down to the side
Keep a strap that's a Gat
Steppin' on my Gucci's get bucked
After that you get fucked up
You know you done lucked up
My Gucci wasn't scuffed up
G-U-CC-I is what I sport when I'm shibe
Before I die I'm makin' them hoes famous
From my walk side


I got Gucci Gucci [repeats]
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