Gucci Duffle Bag Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 3 - Mixtape

Lyrics to Gucci Duffle Bag
Gucci Duffle Bag Video:
[feat. CEO P-Reala, Money Mayweather, Canary Yellow Checllo]

[Chorus x3: Money Mayweather]
Aww duffle bag, that I'l hold it all
Week before we leave nigga we'll throw it off
We'll throw it off, we, we'll throw it off
We'll throw it off, we, we'll throw it off

[Canary Yellow Checllo:]
I'm one of these rain boys
And when we in the strip club we bring the duffles
So I advise all these hoes they better bring a shovel
Ma you dancing in a bowl of frankies
Chattin in my ear what she wanna do to thank me
I'm still ordering the same rosey
I stunt cause I know these niggaz in the game knows me
That's why my arms longer than james posey
And it's an honor just to let these fucking lames know me
The kid real careful bout who he fuck with
I put g's on your head like a gucci bucket
My watch gotta 100 diamonds
And when they see it hit the sun till they stomach blinding
I circle in a benz like the chronic sequence
I'm shitting on em think I had colonic treatment
Frek told me never make a sale unless it's 20
And never leave a paper trail unless it's funny

[Chorus x2]

[Tony Yayo:]
The coupe come with obama tints
Lil mama watch a pimp cause she love the limp
Swimming in this money, 200 metre butterfly
Jet come with greddo with the thick thighs
It's all bout the benjamins throw it out the gucci duffle
These gold diggin strippers better get they shovels
Cause it's money in this bitch, g-unit filthy rich
Gucci bag with the red and green stitch
V.I.p, the owner always show love
He press the button like bernie mac in the players club
Uh, oyur holdin like the feds ma
Throw this money in the sky and watch it fly
5 for a big butt, amber rose cut
I took her to the brits and I fuck
We in them 2-11 foreign cars that never stall
We ball, these hoes know we throw it all

[Chorux x2]

In my life time I only knew 1 president
Ben franklin the rest is irrelavent
The black hockey bag, well that can hold it all
Gucci duffle bag, well that can hold the raw
The mannnn, you can reach for the louie
The mannnn, you can reach for the gucci
Pow, pow, slugs fly for the lucci
Pow, pow, people die for the lucci
I go to the bank, I fill up the duffle
Later hit the club do the jacky ray shuffle
Throw money to the crowd, watch em fight and scuffle
Throw a 100g's and watch em all tussle
God done seen a little bit, but I done seen it all
Fuck a little bit, I'm a throw it all
Disrespect the cake, I do the cash what
Gucci duffle bag, full of green caught

[Money Mayweather:]
I'm going duffle bag crazy
50 racks in the trunk in a gucci bag baby
Hellll naw, hell naw, I didn't but that for you
I just need you to drive and make it do what it do
When we touch down and all the hand to hands is through
We can slide to the mall and I'l cop ya the boots
The bag is for the bands, I say the bag is for the bands
And them bows, and them bricks, and them burners, and them bands bitch
I swear to god them all beans
Not the shit I just said, but this bag I just received
From my vato puncho I came here to meet
Chi town my town shit I'm here every week
Ey, and he don't speak a no english
But he know that duffle bags stand for green in green shit
Ey, and he don't speak a no english
But he know them double g's stand for green and green shit

[Chorus x2]
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