Lyrics to Grigg Street
Grigg Street Video:
Wake up your neighbors from their sleep, its time they see it too
Don't keep it from the strangers you meet, maybe they show up too

Oh come on, you know that when they look their eyes wont dare to shut
and so long, to what you thought would be your friends all staying put
and they're gone to be the dreams you sit up all night thinking up

18 years sitting on the same spot, wishing some change would come
and all we need to do is get up, and walk to another room

Oh come on, don't you long for nights that everyone's having now
well get up, you know we're waiting on you to show up now
get all your thoughts out, thinking consciously you'll be feeling fine

I'm feeling fine, I've got the mind, to take me anywhere tonight
Feels like fire, coming from your eye, I see it clearly through the night
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