Lyrics to Grey Sunday
Grey Sunday Video:
Been waiting for sunday all over the week Been working so hard I can't even creep Been waiting for sundays all through my life To say true: it's sunday, but the sundays were grey There ain't any light shining to save People go out to visit a grave Of someone who has passed away To say it's sunday, but this sunday is grey God bless the dead, they can't even see What's going on in heaven, what's going on in hell And the things that we don't see But we all know so well Well, dead men can't hear But you could listen Sunday's so near You don't have to fear My dear friend next sunday is coming so soon Might be we'll meet us in a very cool room Where people are lying with dead closed eyes And a smell that's perfume for all kinds of flies There's hate between all those who live But friendship between all deadmen on earth So don't hesitate and let us give birth To a child called Hades, but not on a sunday The child could be mad 'cause the sunday is grey

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