Lyrics to Green & Dumb
Green & Dumb Video:
Daisies stand up on their tiptoes
Clouds stumble over themselves in the sky
And all the pretty horses come running to her
And even the dust devils pray
That they'll catch her eye

I haunt her house from the outside
I watch her bake cornbread and talk on the phone
And the wireless on the inside plays a sad sweet song
A mute moonlit statue am I, she waltzes alone

But baby, baby, I could call you baby
If I weren't so empty in the head and tied up in the tongue
And baby, baby, I could call you baby
If I weren't so green and dumb

The wind ain't stopped blowin' since morning
It's got me froze up on the inside
And I could get warm in the bunk house
And thaw out on coffee and bread


I need your government warning
Like I need a hole in my head
Well, I won't shoot your coyotes
And I won't burn your weeds
Your paycheck won't fill up this hollow
It won't dull all the achin'

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