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Lyrics to Greedy Bastards
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Let not another tree fall in the name of greed.
Not one more tribe "civilized" for the lust of money.
Not one more species forced extinct to to fill the pockets of the scum
who would turn something so majestic into just another slum.
No, the greedy bastard will not be satisfied
until every tree has bee cut down and every animal has died.
Before every inch of forest is covered with concrete
extreme measures must be taken so let's fuck up their machines!
Greedy Bastards [repeat]
Every dozer that we get costs them thousands to replace.
Every truck that gets fucked up is another loss that they must take.
When the logging road is blockaded, the fuckers can't get there
and when the trees have all been spiked the message sent is clear.
[Repeat beginning]
But the spirit of the wilds lives lives on yearning for the day when we rid the land of those
scheme to lay nature to waste. Greedy Bastards!
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