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Lyrics to Great Russian Nihilists (the Truth Hurts)
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We wretched innocents. We walk this earth with no God and no Truth. Yet I see the shadow of ghosts in my footsteps and hear the howling of wolves in my speech. Always and again and again. Again. 'It's impossible!' - 'be realistic!': the slogans of the Tired. So I'm caught in-between hating a world that I do not want and dreaming of another world that I cannot have. But I demand the impossible because it's possible. Yes - 'anything can happen'. For this, how much are you willing to sacrifice? How much do you want? How far will you go? How much will you risk? What do you really want to win? I want my death to be a party. A celebration. A toast for the living of life. I will raise my voice and lift up my head. Defy this deathculture and crawl out of this grave. I will be a demon to you. My wings come of the soil. Fierce eyes shall smile as I lead you to your scaffold. Come now, insignificant mortal. Don't give up. Don't give in.
Anything is possible - even the impossible. And anything can happen - even the unlikely. The great seduction of opportunity...

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