Lyrics to Great Outdoors
Great Outdoors Video:
Yo yo yo

Red wine for the bitches
Cognac for my niggas
Mind on my riches

Pourin Burgundy I get decent
Recent pictures of me
Meandering about
Vitamin C like a mandarin, complete thesis
Written well, you could tell just what I'm about
Michigan, we like the Yucatan peninsula
The black Yukon, apply a pin filled vest
Down field, no downfall, you know me know
Yukon potato on a 40 cow
Sour milk gets spilled
Split cream, split piece too
Coopers, couple chicks slippin outta slips, oops
Slippery slopes, hope I let em slide
Swim against the tide, a landslide
Hold the lance like Lancelot
A lot of knights at the round table, stable as Camelot
The watch will lock em and I'm outdoor
LL beam of ink, sweater on jeans
Looking better on
Onto better shit, I know I'm stubborn
No confederate, holding on to my old ways
Every time I sway I gotta pay
I came in sayin I'm goin out the same way
Pay me no mind but pay homage
Honor is important, I'm honest
The cottage hen, Amly was Amish
I'm just a Michigan nigga who wanted more
Forfeit never, way too formidable
Awkward wordsmith
Willie The Kid, Smithsonian
Purple ring bitches, apollonian
More working and less talking
More bitches and less bitch niggas
Niggas catch feelings when you do em like they do you
Who knew? Side effects of their own medicine, it's voodoo

(Hook x2)
Red wine for the bitches
Cognac for my niggas
Mind on my riches

And the great outdoors
And the great outdoors
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