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Lyrics to Great Jazz at an Affordable Price
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You were a bombshell as far I could tell
That does the talking for me
In the courtyard, I never tried so hard
To twist my spine to see
You on your way to Chem lab, fourth period
Waiting for you to say that you care about
My buoyancy
Measured against the pools of sweat that you put me in
4.08 for every word that you say to me
And I'll float there for a while
And dissolve

You had a reputation to flaunt and the semester abroad
Taught you the tenets of feeling superior
Such a talented girl, left-brain, right-brain world
And it's all left up to the mystery of being with her
When you ascend to higher planes of existence
Will you come visit me at state in the fall?
It's just as well
Our separate brands of bullshit didn't mix so well
And time will tell
Who was the cop-out and who was the fool
And I'm just left here hoping that I'm not both.
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