Lyrics to Great Fall
Great Fall Video:
The summer of 2003, That's when you lost all faith in me, but I dont care, and you don't know, no place to go. You dropped your books, I picked them up, 12 months, now everything is ****ed, now we don't talk, you got your stuff, I still don't know. I'll fall in line, in due time, I'll make it up, as soon as I wake up, from drunkeness, to teenage bliss, I'm growing up, just not as fast as she does. Nights in the park looking at stars, lifes so much better in the dark, when I come here and you go there, this is'nt fair I talked to you about my life, I told you everything that night, switch times today, it's not ok, she would'nt stay. chorus Writing all my thoughts, timing is everything to those who hold it high(who hold it high), trying to make my way across this ocean of high costs, just to get by. Chorus Just not as fast as she does Don't try to get my hopes up 3x , Don't try to get, Don't try to get, Don't try to get my hopes up

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