Lyrics to Great Divide
Great Divide Video:
Everyone said that the sky is falling, telephone rings, its your mother calling to see
if were alright
Everyone here seems so nervous
and I tell myself it aint worth it to be
so uptight

I read the magazines, I watch the television, and I'm surprised the Earths still spinning at all
but the sun still shines

I fill literal needs, fill your prescription,
fall asleep to the ammunition's

Well the lines been drawn, All hells been left, but you can't always eat
what your fed

We're lost, we're lost, were lost in the great divide

Everyone says that the sky is fallin',
were looking for the sound of a higher calling
How do you sleep at night?

Well Its talk talk talk but nobodies listening,
I got a hunch, I got a suspicion
that its just a matter of time
Well it seems to me we received the proof
if theres a heaven its fucking huge

Were lost, were lost, were lost in the great divide.

(Thanks to Cameron for these lyrics)
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