Lyrics to Gravity
Gravity Video:
The way you talk makes people think you're right about everything
If you told us to we'd change our minds about gravity
So when you say I'm worthless and I never pulled my weight
my back hurts from the work I did but I trust you all the same

I used to want to be just like you are
but I figured out after coming this far
We have seen so many of the very same things
but your words don't speak of my memories

I did what I wanted so you'll do what you don't
Maybe you could forgive me but I'm pretty sure you won't
If you remember just one thing, that will be the one
I don't want to be remembered for the worst that I've ever done

I have only sighed like that twice only twice
And I won't take sides cause I can't decide
Otherwise I won't believe the size
and I can't believe my eyes cause neither one will sympathize

You say something is wrong, something is wrong, something's wrong
like everything I've done all I've done all along
I used to walk on nails when I was young
but now my calluses are not so strong


Shut in all that heat and shut in the memory
That time is time to keep, I broke a promise in my sleep
I thought I watched the screen but the screen was watching me
I broke a promise in my dream and I liked the scenery
It's not that you're wrong, no, it's not that you're wrong
but you're not right for me, no, you're not right for me

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