Graven Image Of The Beau Ideals Lyrics


Alchemists Earth Of Aeon A.C.

Lyrics to Graven Image Of The Beau Ideals
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A beast rises up from hell1
Sons of Adam2 prophesied
People who fare well
Would get demonised3

A beast with many horns4
Some heads hidden long5
His stinking breath scorns6
His influence strong7

Gods who we'd be forgetting
Would also rise their skulls8
Baäls childs will be rotting9
And the money we've to mull10

Mammon gains applause11
Zeus became in centre12
Even US it's white house
Shows his face at enter13

False they are!14
He uses their name15
He fights his war16
His dark hidden fame

The beast arised
As were foretold17
His hearts are iced
We'd better behold18

The hearts of men are deadly calm
Sickened by influence of beastly gods19
They sing their meaningless death realm20
With solid unintended prods21

I humbled myself and kneeled down in sudden tears
Made myself small and begged to my own beloved God22
Protect me and strengthen me, I feel like a clown who fears
Redempt, love and heal me before I shed my own blood

Falling asleep in dreams of gods of fire
Reflecting my lusts, indulgences are flying
Dark coloured screams to frightening desire
I utter in fear of my inner emotions, I'm crying

Scared to get caught up in my passions
Passions hurting another in vain
Continuously searching for satisfactions
Causing friends and mother pain23

Please I begged in silence of shouting
Bless me let your way of life be
My slumbers are pounding and I am so lonely
I'm scared of myself please derive me24

I ask you for your presence
And sacrifice my life
Unto your doubtful essence
To endure your thrive25

Death will close me in26
You and me together
Know you will win27
And all other gods will shudder28

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