Grateful Lyrics



Lyrics to Grateful
Bounty killer, man's still in black
Bang this wacko jacko, you'll think Thriller's back (Boom)
We the hardest in the South, that's still a fact
Big teeth in this Dirty Harry, that's Cilla Black (Boom)

Better get low or stand back (Boom)
Like a missed call, man rang back
Big pistol, man brang that (Boom)
Had a hand ting way before the man backed
Talk about war, I'll back that, clap that
Matte black, had it in the back of the hatch-back
Half my body out the window, slap-slap
Holdin' the front like you had a snapback-back
I don't just trap-rap, brudda, I trap-trap
I don't just talk about bodies, I catch that
I'ma have your head back, swingin' like a cat-flap
Man will pull up and pull out and smack that
Man was drillers before they sang that
Man had dinners before they had that
I knew killers before all the gang-gang
Talk about the five, man rat that
Talk about the grime, man had that
Talk about the .9, I grabbed that
Puttin' in teeth like my grandad
Hid the MAC underneath the sandbag
We weren't bad, we were bad-bad (Boom)
Man but a watch and he put it on the ‘Gram
I buy a box and I put it into grams
If I get a Glock, then I put it in my hands (Boom, boom, boom)
22-shot, might put in in your man
You a likkle man
If I hit him with a shot, it might cripple man
For your bread or your cheese, we might pickle man
You ain't never had a toast and it flippin' jam
Might cook your sailfish, I'll fritter man
Might pull the bones out, kipper, man (Click, click, click)
And I don't eat pork but I go different, HAM

You wanna be boss
You wanna El Chapo (Boos)
I put man in my madness
I'll have mandem on wacko (Yeah)
Talkin' that smoke
Got him tobacco
And man is just gone a bit capo (Er)
Scary with it (Yeah)
Get inside the car then
Might hit him with the carbon
Might Tivoli your garden (Yeah)
Just get him with it
Get him when he's parkin'
And I tell you what
The nigga wasn't laughin' (Haha)
Silly with it
Ring it off
Swingin' in a Merc'
We're gonna hit him where it hurts
MAC-10 ringin' it berserk (Yeah)
Yeah, we're the realest and the worst
This gift different from the curse
I got the villains in the back
Big H, milli' for a verse (Jheeze)
What's up with that? (Yeah)
Thinks he's a rider
Mind now, clip in the big ting
This guy duck, it's the decider (Er)
Violent, Giggs the designer
Lion, thinks he's a tiger (Yeah)
Liger, too much talk
That's risky saliva (Nah)
You could never bah bah for talkin' clever (Yeah)
Reach your block, MAC-10, salt and pepper (Yeah)
Brought that lead out
Slap that naughty bredder
Computer talk, don't compute, it might error (Ha)
Man'll get belted
Soft mutes, mandem all melted (Melted)
Hear the yute diss man
Boy got dealt with (Dealt with)
Yeah, mandem all selfish
Hallow can't help it
Yeah, can'll get broken up
Yeah, got ‘em on shellfish
Back to the future, back the machine up
MAC the computer
Step to the scene with mad men and move up
Back to the CREAM, I'm back for the moolah
That kinda mood and that man's a loser
That's an illusion, that's not a shooter
Not entertainin' that kinda dude
‘Cause he smokes crack and that's an abuser
See how it all go
Mostly carats (Carats)
All this hate
They're mostly parrots (Jokers)
Just linked with Darren
Shoppin' spree, emptied Harrods (Harrods)
I just beat that pussy
Later on, she sent me flowers (Nah)
I just blessed these powers
Fuck all that, I don't mess with cowards (That's right)
It's on messy hours
And time I got let's leave nowers
That nigga's a bitch
And it's best we lowe her
High up in that messy tower
Peckham, I got SE power