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Lyrics to Grass And Leaves
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You walk along the bridge where eyes were closed
Moving as a hungry ghost
Where your head was spinning most
A kiss of light between the limbs outstretched
Warms you just below your neck
Her breath all smoke from cigarettes

You're all but dead and gone
Though she won't ever love another as she loved you
The pavement breaks, it forms an opening
A cavity self-pity brings
To surface with the slightest thing

Oh, everything will be just fine
No one needs to know you're mine
If you're mine
And we'll be happy when we're dead
Grass and leaves over our heads
Our heads

Everything is falling to pieces
Everything is falling apart
But when I think of you, I feel love in my heart

Every night I sat there
Wishing on a star above
That I'd meet the perfect girl and we would fall in love

White shirt, blue jeans
What a perfect color scheme
Brown eyes and brown hair
I see you sitting there

Now I see you going by in a radiated glowing ray
And I want to go, but my mind says I have to stay
The shadow cast, a dark cloud over the door to the floor
I go in and keep going down for more
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