Lyrics to Grain Of Salt
Grain Of Salt Video:
Another day passes by. Another attempt at love. Remains unrequited.
Why do I even bother? I should have learned from the past. I am but a statue.
Impervious to love. This punctured heart is mine. Becomes a handful of dust. Dust.
Hope has now wilted away. Wilted. Along with these dreams. That became emptiness.
A final exit becomes clear. I am self destructive. A product of this solitude.
I am riddled with shards. One simple wish now dies. Was my request so great?
One simple wish now dies [x3].
Was my request so great? Once again I drown in its denial. Was it so complicated?
Once again. I've been. Spit upon. Taken with a grain of salt. My life is gone.
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