G.P. (Interlude 1) Lyrics


Growing Pains

Lyrics to G.P. (Interlude 1)
G.P. (Interlude 1) Video:
Well, the most important relationship in my life is my relationship with my wife
But it's funny because it's also the most difficult relationship in my life
You know, waking up next to a person every day
Having to deal with each other's flaws and uh personality and attitude
Uh it can be difficult
Um but I also see it as the most sanctified relationship in my life
So when I think of the the pains and the difficulties that come along with marriage
I'm often reminded of how the lord is particularly using marriage to build character in me
So it's amazing that God can take something that
That's so great but it's also so painful and difficult and use it for my growth
And I have to say that marriage has definitely done a lot to build character in me just as a man
And that's a growing pain
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