Lyrics to Gotta Stay High
Gotta Stay High Video:
I saw your eyes
I had to run away
I fell to deep in love
There were no words to say
I just had to get high
One look inside
And I knew right away
I felt too much
I did not have the strength
I just ran to get high
But lover theres something about you pushing me
Pulling me I saw your eyes
Fell into yesterday
An only child
Untill you let me stay
I ha no one on my side
Too weak to stand
Too scared to love again
The damn has broke
My soul is spilling all over your hands
Take a look in my eyes
There's something about your pushing me
Pulling me
That's saying don't go away
Ain't never gonna be another
I see your eyes
I'll never run away
I fell too deep in love
Only five words to say

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