Lyrics to Gotta Move On
Gotta Move On Video:
love is not strong
love is not stable
i tried to hold it
but i wasnt able
i never thought that i'd be saying this to you
what else could i do

love leads to loss
words condescending
love is the pathway to unhappy endings
and if i keep my chin up
i still see clouds that look like you
so look down is what i do

you know it's alright if you cry a little
something inside you has died a little
you dont have to hide but you gotta move on
you gotta move on

love leads to tears
tears lead to sadness
sadness to memories
memories to madness
i never thought of all these things that love could be.
look what it did to me

chorus x3
Songwriters: Dunning, A.J. / Corella, Doug / Brown, Donny / Vander Ark, Brian
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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