Lyrics to Gotta Get Dat Money
Gotta Get Dat Money Video:
[feat. CyHi Da Prynce]

For the love of money!
Oh, yeah!

Gotta get dat money!
... it's still the same, oh!
Gotta get dat money!
I'm a money savior!
I love my money!

I got a girl name Cheryl, an American girl,
Wanna go to Mr. Charles, but she...
My girl named Jenny,
I was in my Lamborghini,
When I was out in Miami
She always came to see me!
Got a girl named Keisha,
So I gave her...

I'll make her a believer,
When I hit the king of diamonds,
They all got us...


By any means I gotta... for many things.
I wanna a... like Diddy,
But I'm happy dreaming dreams.
My maid is from the west
Kansas City...
Jacksons in the pockets of my Billie Jeans,
I gotta get the profit
When I'm selling onions,
Now I'm making chips
So what I smell is onions.
That's when...
No more Washingtons!
... body holes,
For I'm trying to get some oxygen.
Niggers talking shit,
Can't walk a day inside my Marxist ideology

That's when I had to leave.
I believe that...

Cause to me is...

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