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Lyrics to Gotta Fly Away Ft MC Magic
Gotta Fly Away Ft MC Magic Video:
Girl, sit down, I just gotta tell you right now
You gotta stop what your doing, making me frown, bringing me down
There are so many things, you don't even realize
that you do to me, sometimes it makes me wanna cry
And I just wanna go hide, in a hole sometimes
Cause you act like I'm not there, and I don't know why
You act like you don't care, what's going on inside
All you want is a man to be by your side to get you by
I really don't matter to you personally, I'm just a guy
That's why you didn't even know the color of my eyes
Because you just don't listen when I speak to you
You just look away, and if I was creeping too
You wouldn't care at all, you didn't even ask
Who I was with because you just didn't give a damn
You never show affection, and yeah I'm offended
If you don't love me then tell me, so we can get this thing ended

And all I ever wanted was to see
You happy and here with me
But now I'm starting to believe
(I gotta fly away)
And you know I love you with all my soul
And I feel like I can't let you go
Please tell me it aint so
(I gotta fly away)


You just never talk to me like you used to do before
You used to tell me all the time, I love you more
And now all I feel is blue, and girl it's so true too
You walk on me like as if I was under your shoe
So girl, what happened, what the hell did I do?
To make you act like this, it's not the girl I knew
Back when I met you, no denying you were so nice and true
But now I think your lying when you say I love you too
I'm still trying to get this back to how it was before
Praying to god that it's not time to close the door
The fear of losing you, I just can't take it no more
And every time I think about it, my heart gets so sore
So what do I have to do to keep you in my arms?
I just can't let you go, but now I'm feeling alarmed
So now I'm telling you what's on my mind
If this doesn't get better, girl I got to fly


everyday in the hall way you look at me and pass by
as if im the guy you despise and i try
to get close to you just to reply
it's been a while and even when i talk to you
you got about 2 guys all over you
but even a blind man can see who the real man is
true ill persue to get u rescued.but i just wanna be noticed
i finally built up the courage to send you a text message
giving you my homage
my knowledge it's like you got me as a hostage
and yet privilege to once again have you as a frend just gotta
wait patiantly for this relationship to transend and hope it dont end
your killing me and you dont know it one kiss will have it all fix
but i guess a frendly hug is the limit and it took 2 months to get ur digits
and whats even more shitty is that you being called my other dudes
and its hard to show no envy

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