Got Your Back Lyrics

Sarah Packiam


Lyrics to Got Your Back
Got Your Back Video:
I'm the light in the dark when you're looking for that spark
oh oh come and turn me on baby
When you're bored, I'm the one,
I'm your cheeky little bit of fun
I know, how to turn you on baby

When the world becomes a struggle
I'll be waiting with a cocktail and a cuddle

Everywhere you go I''ll go
Everything you do I'll know
Every time you turn around
Know I've got your back baby

Wanna be your hot stuff
You know that I' know what's up
I'll be there to hold you down
Know I've got your back baby

When it's right, there's nothing wrong,
Gonna put my high heels on
Oh oh be your fantasy yeah yeah

Make you tingle from your head down to your toes
When we're together anything goes
Oh oh and I'll always say yeah yeah

We may not even have to loose a dollar
Cause you've got all the moves to make me holler

I wanna be your shelter, baby there's nothing better
Come on and call my number, for kisses under the covers

(Gracias a SP por esta letra)
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