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G Unit

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Lyrics to Got Me A Bottle
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[Chorus] We can do whatever it is you want that you want to do Long as I can spend the whole night with you Hennessy sippin' (got me a bottle) Bacardi drinkin' (got me a bottle) Smirnoff sippin' (got me a bottle) Absolut shorty (got me a bottle) Tangueray sippin' (got me a bottle) Absolut drinkin' (got me a bottle) E&J sippin' (got me a bottle) Champaigne drinkin' (got me a bottle) [Lloyd Banks] I'm gettin' tipsy off a bottle of Bacardi Wit' a model at a party I got kids, but mommy gon' be swallowin' pro'lly See I always get my way girlfriend, I'm spoiled bad Keep my hydro stashed in a Crown Royal bag Your performance will determine the price See if you fuckin' to champaigne, but if not it's Smirnoff Ice And 9 times outta 10, I was pissy when I was with you But they don't make a liquor strong enough for me kiss you, nah [Chorus] [50 Cent] I don't fuck wit' scurry ass niggas That ain't got a care in the world I'm fin' to drink this motherfucker right here till I hurl Admit it, I'm that motherfuckin' nigga you lovin' New York nigga, soundin' like I'm straight up southern What bitch, don't try to play me close to see what I'm drinkin' Yeah I'm rich, I ain't a trick, what the fuck are you thinkin' I'm some type a nigga that ain't 'bout that money man If I smack you in your face you get funny man Ha ha [Chorus]

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