Lyrics to Got Em
Got Em Video:
(feat. K-Man & P Money)

[Chorus (J-Dawg)]
(GODD EM! ) As I walk up in da club
(GODD EM! ) When I step in de spot
(GODD EM! ) Den I spit my game and I pop my colla
Cuz I´m throwin dem dollas

[Chorus (K-Man)]
(GODD EM! ) As I walk up in da club
(GODD EM! ) When I step in the spot
(GODD EM! ) Then I spit my game and I pop my colla
While I´m throwin dem dollas

[Verse 1 (J-Dawg)]
Check out my swagger; GOT EM
Top down now him's a bottom
Ed Hardy, True Religion and Prada
Dese little rappas fresh fi da slaughta
I own dese rappas, dey my property
New money everyday like the lottery
I´m prepared; I´m on the ball like a soccer cleat
Everyone is after one thing like a hockey team
You know I got it, I got it like it´s money (I got it)
You know I´m hot, I´m hot like it´s sunny (Nuh I´m hawt)
Dem rappas dey soft, soft like rugby
But me got dem big stacks like rummy
I´m on a roll like butta and I got bread
Ya know I´m crazy, I´m mad like a hothead
So tight dat if you mess, I cut ya circulation
Pockets keep getting bigger like him inflation
I´m all over da like like a zamboni
But **** if ya try to say I am phony
I got de bread, I got de cheddar, got da ham on me
Nothin keeps me from flowin like a dam homey (irie! )
I got em wit da clothes, I got em wit da kicks
I got em wit da dough, I got em wit da whip (dat's right cuyah! )
I got em wit da threads, I got em wit da Jays
I got em wit da bread, I got am all day

[Chorus (J-Dawg/K-Man)]

[Verse 2 (K-Man)]
I pull up to da club wit a chain at my knees
It´s so bright it sting your eyes like bees
Dancin on tha flo wit a girl in front
Joke House Clique, the one that does the stunt
To da rap game I´m committed like a crime
Forget about the time, I gotta do da rhyme
In the middle of da night I knew that I was tight
I don´t care if it´s late, as long as I can write
Nothin like some crap, I got the club packed
I don´t care if it´s late, as long as I can rap
My advice is no one needs a nap
Stick to rap like a lot of sap

[Verse 3 (P Money)]
My name is P Money; I´m here to say
I´m a big bad gangsta from da USA
I get more cars that you could collect
I get away in time so nobody don´t suspect
I´m all about my bread, my dough and flour
I get the money so that means I got the power
I need a basement for my chain cuz it hang so low
Betta get ready cuz I´m bout to do a show
But don´t mess wit me, I´m a hardcore thug
Money runnin like water, don´t pull the plug
My rims are like stars, shinin in the night
Everytime I got to the club, I gotta start a fight
That´s meeee


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