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[Man speaking:]
When I'm bagging all your chickens well see who looks cool
Yo girl, ever done it with a guy who's only 2 foot 2?
I may be a tad shorter, have u ever wrestled a midget?
Keep talking shit, I'll set up a cage match next Special Olympics
Keep making short jokes, midgets always get more bitches
And I bet your wife's got a fetish for fucking guys with dwarfism
I got problems and I got em in the worst way
Maybe it's the for fact that I've been the same fucking height since first grade
I had a nice teacher, wore a wife beater with no shirt,
But I'm 37 years old still waitin to hit my growth spurt
I'm a freak of nature, Jesus hates yuh
Something of sorts but every time I stood up for myself seems I was comin up short
I never really had a problem tryin 2 reach a cervical,
But in high school I needed a high stool just to reach the urinal
[? ]
I wear stilts to amusement parks so I can ride the roller coasters.

Life as a shorty shouldn't b so rough

Yo I'm so short my suitcase is a fanny pack
For me is [? ] a family size I park em in the handicap
I'm so gifted where the sun don't shine don't need a penis blinder?
I may be happy size but I'm the perfect type to eat vagina
Knock me off my feet black I'll get up and bust back
Uppercut your knee caps and head but your nut sack
I'll never get taller, cause it seems I've reached my full capacity
My dicks 2 inches but I'm so short I tell girls it hang fast
My knees to boost my self esteem
I go 2 the circuses now who's the freak,
If I choose 2 eat at restaurants they better have a booster seat,
Just cause I'm short doesn't mean I don't like big tittied hoes,
But if I want to hit it doggy style I gotta stand on my tippy toes
Sick in the head stick a dick in the bed
I'll hit it from each angle
I'm so short, I sit on the curb my fuckin feet dangle
So many women try to molest me
I'm not pervetically balanced
Please don't call me short I prefer vertically challenged

Life as a shorty shouldn't b so rough

[benefit talking]
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