Lyrics to Goosebumps
Goosebumps Video:
The Devil in me got an easy job
Demons in my head I must confess they speak in tongues
Speaking of my lungs they seeping blood from chiefing blunts
7th ward hot boy choppa drums
Dragging pussy in the sun

Bolts to my neck I think I'm Frankenstein.
Volts to the head don't rape my mind
Colt .45 to the head
See these bodies drop and you can trace the line
I'm oozing red goo from the uzi look at me I'm slime covered Ruby
Ruby so dizzy and gooey
But still remain raw like he Sushi
Spooky Da Scary feel loopy, Spooky Da Scary feel woozy, Spooky Da Scary had two juicy bitches
But left cause he thought they were bougie
Got groupies that choose me but never fool me
Thinking my life a movie
You see she wanna use me
Boosting her clout, now I'm out
You can tell that bitch "Suck it" from Ruby

Ruby my brother no fucking with others
No fucking with bitches, you know I don't trust 'em
Grabbin Ouija to summon my demons
Gorillas that came from the river
Triple 6 killers and nobodies sicker
You call the cops, I call the block
[?] Oddy the one, Oddy the life, testin for bars [?]
Injestin the bars
Not to get high
Just to get numb
Just to get by
G R E Y F 59
Cause you know the
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