Lyrics to Goodwill Day
Goodwill Day Video:
It's a lazy Saturday morning
My friends wanna go to the mall
So I look inside my wallet
Hoping for some miracle
There would be a couple twenties
So I can fall into the Gap
I turned my wallet upside down
Six bucks fell in my lap
That may not sound like a new
Wardrobe to you
But now I know what store
I'll be going to

It's a good, good, good, good goodwill day

Well I wondered abou their selection
But they had more than enough
And I couldn't believe that people
Actually wore some of this stuff
There was plenty of polyester
With a seventies disco flair
And parachute pants with a million zippers
Like my brother used to wear
Now I can't drop fifty bills on Calvin Klein
But check out this cool shirt I got
For a dollar ninety nine

It's a good, good, good, good goodwill day

(cool whistling part)

I thought about all the people
Who owned these clothes before me
And if they only knew that their old shoes
Are being used for the ministry
I think I've got some old stuff
They might wanna sell
And if they want my shirt
I may give them my coat as well

It's a good, good, good, good goodwill day
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