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Lyrics to Goodnights In Your Pocket
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Is it irresponsible to fall asleep with a cigarette in my mouth?

It was just yesturday that i burnt my parents couch.

and I've been a bit overwhelmed with indecisions.

but as far as introduction goes we sparked quite some interest.

on your porch surrounded by a smothering southern heatlamp.

what started in a conversation now lead to posting stamps.

and for each polaroid we've shaken at the wrist.

adds to our excitement of building a healthy relationship.

and ice creamed for months until I disconnected my Jawline.

have i mentioned that your enthusiasm is a moonlit goldmine?

can you picture us in a photobooth.

William Wallace grin, How we're easly amused.

Calender events booked with theater popcorn scoops.

and blanket sessions spooning ramen noodle soups.

enough with telephones and it's numbered dialtones.

It's quite secluded sleeping on your own.

so, much for burning bridges, I've photographed a few.

across these chalk outline pages, each cloud we've driven through.

Honestly, I'm anxious for pillow talks and midnight rides.

my stomach's swarming with butterflies.

this isn't sweet or clever.

just atempts to charm ya at any measure.

so, goodnights in your pocket.

soon enough we'll pilot this rocket.

"Goodnights in your Pocket"

Lyrics by:Diego.deSouza
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