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Lyrics to Goodnight Moon
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a jaundiced sliver orb
smeared into the blue black
sinking eyelid horizon
smothered stiff in the daylight sterile burn
the taper rays strain bound in the squall
of history's drag and the idle ache

to the rumble strip huum allure
to the clamored chords cure
to the charm of false dissent
to the drive of discontent

a noose hung suspended still
in a star-freckled sphere
gazing towards the call of a surging spirit

the midnight alley allure
the coastal curves cure
the charm of false dissent
the drive of discontent

to the wrench of routine
to the toxic purchased sheen
to the terminal waiting war
an old desire to be something more

to clench life beating bloody in our outstretched palms
the turn the listless monotone into vital choral song
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