Goodnight, Little Houseplant Lyrics

Shel Silverstein

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Lyrics to Goodnight, Little Houseplant
Goodnight, Little Houseplant Video:
Goodnight, little houseplant
Little house plant, good night.
Here's your glass of water.
Should I leave on the light?
Tomorrow in the morning
For breakfast we two
We'll have ham and eggs for me
And nitrogen for you.

Goodnight, little houseplant...
Tucked in your clay pot.
Be careful you don't catch
Huntington's Rot.
Remember, little houseplant
Stay away from those bees.
I've heard they may carry
A social disease.

Goodnight, little houseplant
Asleep on the sill.
I'll pull the shades
So you don't catch a chill.
Tomorrow we'll talk
Of the things that we did.
I love you, little house plant
Who needs women or kids.
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