Lyrics to Goodbye
Goodbye Video:
When I say â??I'm sorryâ?? to you now

I know you wouldn't listen anymore

I said it too many times it's hard to convince you

But I do regret it everytime it's true

I broke your trust in me if only I could turn back time

Things would be so simple but they are what they are

Ignoring me is the best solution then I could never do you harm

It never came into our minds that this would ever happen

A living paradox is what I am

Was this the otherside you didn't know

Say goodbye and leave me now (but I don't want to)

It would save you so much pain (you had enough now)

We will meet again when the time is ripe for us

Until then my shame must float away

When I say â??I love youâ?? to you now

It always seems like you're not listening

The fear of losing me lives on whether we're committed or not

It shouldn't make any difference to us

Sometimes I wished we never ran into each other's arms

Things would be so simple but they are what they are

Let faith decide about this one and let us sweep away with it

We're both involved Is there a matter of a winner, tell me

I'm always dreaming of us

Being together everywhere, here and there

As long as I'm with you

But the thought that you will never be mine

Is eating me alive just slap me in the face

Fortune, give me the outcome soon
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