Lyrics to Goodbye
Goodbye Video:
And so I said goodbye to everything I knew, and I said goodbye to you
and through this screen of smoke everything looks so familiar, and so do you

I am a victim of my own tragedy
it is too trivial for anyone to see
and I knew you, yes I knew you before, but I don't anymore

and now I'm out the door, you won't see me anymore, and I won't see you
I don't need you around though I'm 5 feet under ground without a clue

I try to drag you down but I'm too deep
in this shithole that I'm living in
and I had you but I let go, why I don't know

now the road seems way too long
and my goal is out of sight,
but I can't turn back
now I've reached the greener pastures,
still I don't know what I'm after,
because everything fades to black

and I've heard it, yes I've heard it before
don't think I need to hear it all over once more
and I know just what you're going to say but it won't help anyway

"500 miles won't separate you from the pain you're feeling
words can't undo all this damage
you've got to do it for yourself not for anybody else

say goodbye
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