Lyrics to Goodbye
Goodbye Video:
I lay in your arms,
In the room where you had borne the scars
And it was late at night,
And the city lay asleep outside

And the moon was in your hair,
And it all was so unfair,
Or was it dear?

I said I'm leaving soon,
I must go and do what I must do
You said you'd understand,
But I really don't see how you can

When I said I'd make the time,
And tomorrow I'd call by,
That was a lie

I'm no ladies' man,
And I never will be one of them
I didn't steal from you,
And what happened here was nothing new

Not to make it all sound vain,
You lay the man, you lay his name,
But lay no claim

I can't explain no more,
Ah, girl come on, you knew before
Before you took me home,
I can only work if I'm alone

And when I said goodnight tonight,
When I said goodnight tonight
That meant goodbye
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