Lyrics to Goodbye
Goodbye Video:
Sometimes I feel like my heart is made of stone
And I'm really better off alone
I've played a lot of silly games
The kind that always end in pain
Sometimes I feel like I've been cursed
To be the one to say it first

It's hard to give my heart because I'm so afraid
That someday you'll see through my mascarade
Do i have a fate of love
Or is this some unwritten love
It makes me have to walk away before you turn to me and say
Cause I feel like a fool and I don't think you'll ever understand why

I'm gone before I hear you say

I won't love and nothing else
But I don't need the love myself
So I condamn to play the pot
Till I can tell my broken heart

Goodbye. Yeah eah eah eah eah eah eah eah
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

I want someone to hold me tight
Not just once but every night
And heard walks in and out my door
I don't wanna feel it any more
Cause I can't take the pain
Can't go through this again
All my tears have run dry
I'm gone before I hear you say

(Thanks to yeah-ka for these lyrics)
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