Lyrics to Good Weekend
Good Weekend Video:
Hey! Let's leave home and go to New Jersey, six hundred miles away from our problems; let's be happy. Vomit from our fucking mouths, bile in our throats, let's not come back. Let's run away, I don't want to stay in this state another day, and when we're there we'll forget ourselves and tell our ghosts to go to hell. (It's what we do at this age that helps us earn our fucking name, and no matter what I promise you we'll never be the same.)

But now we're here, no more thinking. Late night friendships, mistakes are breeding.
It's no regrets, stranger's smiles, where are you? The sunsets, set.

I've found that nothing looks the same when you're in a dream, so don't look away because we might wake up. Let's leave home and never come back. Let's never wake up.
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