Lyrics to Good Time
Good Time Video:
I saw you shove

that hosepipe down your trousers

So you can shiver

with something to shake

I'm gonna rip

them buttons off your tease shirt

I'm gonna peel

that wrapper off your face

Obsessive sexuality

I'm gonna lick

that sugar off your hairstyle

I'm gonna pick

the icing off your cake

I saw you stuff

that kleenex in your brassiere

I saw you stick a cherry on your fake

Deceptive sexuality

Lalalalalalala good time

Lalalalalalala good time

Lalalalalalala gotta have a good time

You can forget

the meaning of existence

You can forget

the things that make you tick

Just look at me

I'll weaken your resistance

Push you over take you over

take you quick

Fascistic sexuality

Fascistic sexuality
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