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Lyrics to Good Morning
Good Morning Video:
(feat. Ron Isley)

[Note: Sample From: Isley Brother's "For The Love Of You"]

[Intro: Nas & (Ron Isley)]
Good Morning, Yea (Yea, well, well Yea)

[Verse 1: Nas]
Good morning the same old jerks goin' to work
Garbage man pick up the dirt, the birds don't chirp
There's this nice Lady I know, she always speak
Wit her two children, headed to the school buildin
Then rush home and again to lit housin
And they are puttin' out the new ceilings
Cuz her shit is leakin'
Water keep drippin'down, so she beefin'
Husband keep cheatin', he've been out all-evenin'
Good morning, police shifts the hood is on-in'
So they drive around all-day wit bench warrants
Eatin donuts and sippin' on coffee
Ooops!, sudden stops spills on the walkie-talkie
Damn this nigga is a creep
Whispers to police at the wino in the middle of the street
Wit missin' front teeth twist blunts deep in the cut
It's my nigga so I holler it up, niggaz good morning

[Hook: x2]
Good morning cause I'm still here
Didn't get a wake-up call from out there
So I'm head back to the street for my lesson
And only live by God's blessings

[Verse 2: Nas]
Good morning, yawnin, dawn is no gon'in'
New day, toothpaste brushin my screwface
Follow the light, it's just a great feelin'
And I love life, every minute is pure healin'
Can't you tell I'm much happy nowadays
No more child play, livin' life the foul way
My man just came home speedin
Tryin' to catch up wit 9-years of no freedom
The paper say - "They finally caught 'em"
He back in, I guess street life got too borin'
Kind of quiet, half the hood is still sleep
If you saw the night before you won't believe it's the same street
Put on my lenses, leave the Phantom
Take the low-whip for a trip up to pam-pams
Scramblin' white turkey cacon
"Ma pass the hot sauce from out your apron"

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