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Baden Baden


Lyrics to Good Heart
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All night in a desert
Like a child with a good heart
You're the lie of a new earth
I'm in your eyes

We were having a good time
We were looking for good signs
You were high on a new hurt
I'm in your eyes (oh my mind)

Oh damned you are...

We are diving our head first
We are no good defenders
All night in a desert
I'm in your eyes (oh my mind)

It's like another, another on your face, I'm not all over
All night in a desert, we are lying for good, good heart
Oh damned you are...

It's coming now Coline
And on my own I'm singing
There's nothing really bad, just another sad song
I'm not really mad, I'm a little high
Just another sad song
There's nothing here in time, I'm a little high

(Merci à Julien Miquel pour cettes paroles)
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