Lyrics to Good Genes
Good Genes Video:
We're all strange fruit on this family tree,
And all my kinfolk look too much like me.
I warn you now before you ask me out,
Theres a little somethin you should know about

I got good genes,
Yeah, I got good genes,
Were a little different than other teams, but one things for sure.
Weve got good genes.

My mom got married at the age of three to my second cousin from Tennessee,
But trees will grow as twigs are bent.
Her first childs now the president.

Oh, I got good genes,
Yeah, I got good genes,
Got better stock than the Kennedy's
Im tellin' you,
I got good genes!

Then she met my Daddy, he told her the deal
He said, I got better swimmers than the Navy Seals,
So, I plopped out, did a jig on the floor
And, I drove myself home in a lifted Ford.

A.D.H.D., manic, kid,
We're the guinea pigs for Ritalin.
Forget about your coffee, crank n' crack,
Ya run out of fuel, just drill a hole in my back!

I got good genes,
Yeah, I got good genes,
Sleep outside when mama screams
We're classy folks, yeah, we got good genes!

We're all Bell ringers, even the dog.
We yell too loud watching basketball.
Eatin' country ham, potato salad and baked beans.
We bleed blue to match our genes!

I got a brother thinks Jesus came from space,
I got a sister who worked on Joan River's face,
I got an uncle who fathered bout half of the South,
Got an aunt in porn, with a giant mouth!
We got doctors 'n lawyers, CEOs and temps,
We got a senator, a major, and a gaggle of pimps!
We got headed hoochies, with bootleg Gucci's, the 4th of July we make red, white, and blue cheese!

I got good genes!
I got good genes!

If you take me home, you'll see what I mean,
It's hard to get me out of my tight-ass jeans.

I got good genes!
I got good genes!
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